Money spent with local farmers, growers, artisans and locally-owned purveyors all stays close to home.  

The Black Dog Hospitality Group chooses to buy locally because:

1. Local food is fresher.

It tastes better than food that has been trucked or flown in from thousands of miles away.

2. Local foods are seasonal.

Eating locally means eating seasonally, with all the pleasure that accompanies it.

3. Local foods usually have less environmental impact.

When compared to the thousands of miles some food is shipped, local foods have a much smaller carbon footprint. All of our local growers/producers use organic and or sustainable methods.

4. Local foods preserve green space.

By buying foods grown and raised closer to where we live, we help maintain farmland and green space in our area. Local foods tend to create a greater variety of foods available. Farmers who run community-supported agriculture programs (CSAs), sell at farmers markets, and sell to local restaurants have the demand and hence the economic support for raising more types of produce and livestock.

5. Local foods support our local economy.

Money spent with local farmers, growers, artisans and locally-owned purveyors all stays close to home. We try to help build our local economy instead of purchasing everything from a corporation in another city, province, or country. Since the food moves through fewer hands, more of the money we spend tends to get to the people growing it.

6. Local foods create community.

Knowing where our food is from connects us to the people who raise and grow it. Instead of having a single relationship – to a big supplier – we develop smaller connections to more food sources. Our Chefs know the vendors at the farmers’ markets, the cheese makers, our butchers and the farmers who grow our food. For all of us, this pays off in the foods we eat. The producers that we’ve developed relationships with want to help us, whether it’s giving us their best lamb, letting us know when our favourite produce will be at its peak, when a special cheese has ripened or when the freshest sustainable fish is available. All of these benefits are passed on to our customers who in turn become participants in our wonderful community-building local food system.

Connect with your community.

Here are just some of the local projects and organizations that the Black Dog Hospitality Group is proud to have supported or partnered with: